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Frequently Asked Questions

SoulGro products have been purposefully formulated to be easy to use and nearly foolproof in their application however indoor gardening is an inherently complex endeavor and consequently questions arise.  Below is a collection of the most common questions we have received over the years.  If you don't find what you need here please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will do our best to get back to you.  Happy gardening.



Q: Is Terp Tonix safe to use throughout the cycle or is it just for flower or flush?

A: Since Terp Tonix is technically not nutritive it’s compatible with all nutes at all stages. If a farmer decides to start during veg, we recommend 4-6 ml throughout, once the clones or juveniles are strongly rooted and receiving full strength veg feed.

Q: Is Terp Tonix organic?

A: Yes. All the ingredients used in the formulation are certified for organic production as outlined by OMRI. COAS for all inputs are available but are protected while we are in the patenting process of our formulation.

Q: Are all the ingredients used in Terp Tonix considered generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the USEPA?

A: Yes, all the compounds used in the formulation are considered generally regarded as safe by the EPA.

Q: Does Terp Tonix homogenize the terpene profile of the entire field?

A: No. Although most competitors would like you to believe that Terp Tonix is a flavoring, a carb or a masking agent, it is none of them. It is in fact, a solution of purposefully blended botanicals designed as a terpene/gibberellic pathway elicitor. The compounds in Terp Tonix are targeted at the malvelonate/non-malvelonate pathway; resulting in the plant expressing their natural chemotypic makeup, not a homogenization of flavors.

Q: Does Terp Tonix contain or use heavy metals, trace pesticides, hormones, synthetic or otherwise to achieve results?

A: No. Never. SoulGro only manufactures safe, plant-based solutions to long standing agricultural problems. We will never use an unsafe or poisonous compound in our manufacturing.

Q: Can Terp Tonix be used in a DWC system?

A: Yes, but not unlike other supplements, dosage rates should be substantially reduced when compared to typical soil/soilless/COIR/RW rates. For example, typical rate for soil/soilless range from 8ml-45ml while water culture rates should range from 4-14ml max.

Q: Can Terp Tonix be used safely with living soil/no till/labs?

A: Yes, after extensive field trials we have found that Terp Tonix's proprietary formula does NOT suppress beneficial bacteria even at single dose concentrations of 190ml/gal*.

*this was a final feed/flush on a very mature, large pit, living soil plant.

Q: Is Terp Tonix a sugar/carb/sweetener?

A: No. For decades the industry has promoted the use of sugar/carbs and artificial sweeteners in an attempt to boost flavor and overall resin production. Terp Tonix uses a new and unique delivery method along with a novel formula that utilizes no sugars, carbs or artificial sweeteners. Terp Tonix simply boosts in situ terpene production.

Q: What is the average shelf life of a bottle of Terp Tonix?

A: Terp Tonix has a 3+ year life, assuming the bottle is sealed, has not been tampered with and has been stored properly at 50°-85°F.

Q: What kind of water do you recommend for blending nutrients?

A: Although some forums may claim tap water or municipal water is perfectly safe for nutrient solution blending, SoulGro does not under any circumstances support or recommend the use of tap water or municipal water for nutrient solution blending. These sources have countless unknown contaminants that may interact negatively with your concentrated nutrient solutions by degrading their potency or effectively rendering them unavailable to your plants. Given the cost of nutrients, this is literally throwing money down the drain. SoulGro recommends the use of water treated by Reverse Osmosis filtration or natural waters (rivers, streams, groundwater) with low PPMs (under 50 PPMs). This means if you are using a natural source you should have it tested prior to using.

Q: Is pH important to nutrient solution blending?

A: Yes, it’s absolutely CRITICAL! There are countless PH nutrient availability charts for free on the internet. SoulGro suggests downloading one and becoming familiar with the availability ranges. Without a properly pH’d solution, the nutrients you spent hundreds of dollars on will either be unavailable or overly available and possibly toxic to the plant.



Q: How do you apply Farmur Armur?

A: You can effectively apply Farmur Armur using any off the shelf sprayer, however we recommend investing in a HVLP style device for best results.  HVLP style sprayers typically produce a mist in the appropriate droplet size range and delivers them at the correct velocity and density for all foliar applications.


Q: Is it important to follow the dosage instructions or can I just "send it"?

A: As much as we would like you to buy FA buy the truckload its important to understand that a little goes a long way, so please exercise caution and follow the instructions provided for best results. 

Q:  Should you pH your mix water?

A:  Mix water pH should be somewhere within the range of 6.2-7.0 for best results.

Q:  Can I or should I combine foliar solutions?

A:  We do not recommend mixing or combining any foliar applications as many have different modes of action that may become compromised when combined.