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Gnome Farmily Testimonials

Terp Tonix is the new standard in terpene enhancement.  Using the sweet smelling Terp Tonic in the garden has not only caused our terpene production to go through the roof, but more importantly it has shown us our plant's true expression.  The familiar and recognizable aromas given off by our favorite flowers have increased many fold, somehow presenting a more diverse and wide ranging pallet of scents.  Having grown for as long as we have it came as a shock when our flower's aroma and resin content began to take on this new level of depth and intensity.  When we walk in the garden now, thick aromas invade our noses and make our eyes water.  The gooey and glistening colas leave us awestruck.  And the numbers don't lie.  Huge thanks to Matt and Megan, the creators of this groundbreaking product. We wouldn't grow without it!

Blockhead Brands 



Can't thank you two enough for developing Terp Tonix! I've been running this strain consistently for two years and this first run under "The Gnome" has by far delivered the most dense, flavorful, greasy, pungent and potent flowers she's ever produced. Lip smacking smoke.



Great product for boosting the terpene profile across all strains in the garden. With a once a week application and using as a flushing agent, we have seen a pronounced increase in the intensity of the aroma of the flowers. So loud! 5 star! We would recommend to any farmer that wants to improve and increase their terps.

 Anonymous from NorCal

Second generation cultivator

20+ years cultivating 


Best terp additive on the market. We've used them all and the results of #terptonix beat them all. Better resin production, better overall flavor and scent. #terptonix will be forever in my regimen.

Rhino Farms



If you are looking to get that little extra out of your garden i highly recommend #terptonix by @soulgrousa. Its compatible with every nutrient line. After years of gardening and trying every "terp enhancing " product on the market i can finally say i have found "the one". In my opinion and 10 plus years of indoor gardening experience i must say nothing compares or even come close to the results this amazing product delivers. Proudly produced in this golden state. A must in every garden! I will not flower a crop without it now and thats a fact. Thank you @soulgrousa @mattthegrowguy @meggssco you guys have helped me push my medicine to the next level and for that my patients and i are forever grateful! Please give @soulgrousa a follow and get some #terptonix in your plants life they will thank you big time. #aproductforfarmersbyfarmers



Matt at Soul Gro has applied his passion and knowledge to create a nutrient additive that truly does what it claims. I have been involved in cannabis cultivation for over 25 years and have used an uncountable number of products. So far I have fed Terp Tonic during flush for one cycle and again starting half way through flowering with no other changes to feeding and have definitely seen a difference like never before. The end results were more aromatic and stickier than I've ever experienced. No other finishing product I've tried affected the outcome as much or as noticeably. I will continue to use this wonderful product and highly recommend it.

Ed Gambler