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Industry Contributions

Industry Contributions:

For over 15 year the founders of SoulGro have been involved with developing products, formulations and through their consultancy's customized operating procedures aimed at maximizing the farmer's effort while remaining good stewards of the planet.  This has rarely been accomplished solely through targeted effort, but through collaboration and understanding that difficult, long standing problems often require creative multi-faceted solutions.  To that end, below is a list of contributions our current team has been involved in over the years.  We hope these little bits and anecdotes help shed some light on who the "Gnome Farmily" truly is.


Sure to Grow:

- Developed the I-Grow Induction Light / First ever agriculturally tuned induction light available to the public.

- Drafted the first and only patent for the use of induction lighting in controlled environment agriculture.

-Produced an extensive series of hydroponic videos for educational purposes available free to the public via YouTube.  Some can still be viewed with the links below.


Maximum Yield:

Contributing Editor

A couple of the articles I had written are available below.  Although not necessarily new the points I feel are still relevant.
SeedStock / Las Vegas 2013
I was invited to moderate the panel on Technology in Hydroponics for Indoor Ag CON hosted by SeedStock in 2013.  Below is an excerpt from the summary including a list of the panelists.
...The day continued with a panel that examined indoor agriculture technologies from hydroponics to aeroponics to renewable energy systems and how they can specifically address the growing conditions in Nevada in a sustainable and economically viable manner so as to increase economic opportunity and local food production in the state. The panel, moderated by Matthew Geschke of Brotherhood Products, featured Navin Twarakavi of the Desert Research Institute, Paul Selina of Village Farms and Chieri Kubota, a faculty member with the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) at University of Arizona and Chris Higgins of Hort Americas.



Hurley Pro:

Medusa / Hyper Intensity Portable Cinematography LED Luminaire

The Medusa Project was an incredibly ambitious project in which our team was tasked with developing a portable LED luminaire capable of remote world travel while providing studio grade light quality and intensity.  Some specs 

Long Run Time  / 6+ hours

Super Fast Charge / Under 15 minutes form zero to full charge

True Daylight / 5500K for reference

Ultra High Intensity 

Non-Variac Linearly Dimmable / Without spectral shift

Smartphone Controllable

Typically white diodes* will experience substantial spectral shift when variable voltage dimming is applied.  We were and still are the only team to provide a proof of concept device capable of linear dimming a white diode* while maintaining a consistent consistent color temperature.  This was accomplished through a combination of proprietary technologies developed solely for this project.

Project Medusa debuted at Cinegear 2014 in Hollywood.  The revolutionary luminaire was welcomed with awe and acclaim but despite nearly 600k in preorders placed at the show, an overall lack of investor confidence ultimately shelved the project.



R&M Supply:

Rasta Bob's Death Mite / All Natural, Plant Based, Full Term Pesticide

Rasta Bob's Strange Brew / A fresh brewed, complete AACT locally available through select retailers.

Rasta Bob's One Love 0-52-34 / Your basic bloom booster made from analytical grade salts.



Brotherhood Products:

Kon-Tiki / Raft Style DWC system

-DWC style system based on lagoon based lettuce production.  By using a 2'x2' flood tray and a 2'x2' kon-tiki raft system a home user could harvest 4 heads of romaine or similar type greens every week perpetually.


HydroKlone / Multi-Purpose Commercial Aeroponic Cloning System

-First aeroponic cloner to address high water temps associated with the internal pump design of existing product offerings in the market.  By removing the pump from the reservoir and placing it remotely we were able to not only stabilize temperature in the reservoir but lower it on average 12-15 degrees F.  This design has now been "adopted" by nearly all industry leading aeroponic cloning systems.


Ultima Trays / Commercial Grade Black/White Flood Trays

-The first and only black and white uniform drainage flood trays finished at .220 wall thickness for commercial use.  In a product demo, we actually ran our 4'x8' flood tray over with a box truck with no damage.




Solis-Tek : Generation Alpha : Zelda Horticulture : Grow Solutions

Responsible for coining the term "Light Diet

A1 reflector and ballast design

C1 reflector and ballast design