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Farmur Armur

Farmur Armur

$ 24.99


Farmur Armur is an all natural, organic plant based pest and mold suppressant.  Versatile and effective in its application, Farmur Armur can be used on your plants, even yourself within reason.  Farmer Armur is proudly made by hand in sunny California, where we carefully blend quality organic extracts in house, ensuring that every artisan batch is uniform in its application and effectiveness.  The smell is fresh, pleasant and most importantly devoid of synthetic petrochemicals or pesticides.  The resultant ready to use spray is easy to use on plants, people and pets and provides a proven essential oil barrier against common pests and molds.  As with all essential oil products, spray sparingly on a test area first to determine suitability.  If ANY adverse effect is observed on ANY surface on which the spray has been used discontinue use immediately as some people and plants can exhibit sensitivity to botanical extracts.

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